Hardwood Floor Cleaning

“My Floors Look Amazing”

This is the typical reaction we received after we’ve deep cleaned our customers hardwood. We are at the cutting edge of hard surface cleaning.

With our state of the art machinery and exclusive natural cleaning products we can get your hardwood back to its original shine and luster. Homeowners are not able to remove all the dirt and debris that has settled into the cracks and crevices of their hardwood. 

Mops, brooms and swifter’s may give a fleeting look of cleanliness but they fail to deep clean the floors. Our state of the art Lindhaus floor machine washes and dries hardwood floors instantaneously. With the Lindhaus and our dynamic natural cleaners we actually extract dirt, dust, grease and harmful pollutants. 

A spotlessly clean and sanitized floor is all that’s left after the hardwood cleaning process. Give CitruSolution the opportunity to clean your hardwood floors and see “amazing” in your own home.

  • Dynamic results.
  • 2-Hour Dry Time.
  • Never Sticky Residue Left Behind.
  • A Pleasing Natural Citrus Scent.
  • Prolonged Cleanliness.
  • Exact Quotes
  • No Up-Charging & Hidden Fees.
  • Safe For Pets And Children.
  • Minimizes Allergens In Your Floors.

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